Walk-In Closet Designs – Ideas for Organization

Walk-in closet designs are many and varied and are dependent on the size of the closet. There are no standard dimensions for walk-in closets. It may only be large enough for one person to stand in, or it may be so large that it a room in its own right. Smaller closets require functional organization, while larger closets allow you to add features such as a vanity, dressing area or ironing station.

Walk-in closet organizers can be affordable “off-the-shelf” components. The Antonius storage system, available at Ikea, includes wire baskets and shelves, laundry bags with stands, stackable frames with or without casters, wall uprights, desk tops and foldable drying racks. Individual components range in price from $13 to $212.

You can also splurge and invest in custom closet organizers. California Closets has a wide range of custom solutions for bedroom walk-in closets, including adjustable shelving, baskets, bins, center islands, dresser drawer hutches and slide-out hampers. Optional accessories include shelf dividers, valet rods, shoe racks, jewelry and accessory inserts and belt/tie/scarf racks. Their walk in systems feature decorative drawer faces, shoe fencing, fluting, braiding and rosettes, and an optional full-extension runner allowing easy access to the back of drawers. Finishes are available in a variety of colors.

The Container Store sells elfa modular shelving and drawer systems which offer the look of custom built-ins without the cost. Components come in white and platinum colors with solid wood accents. You can adjust the location of shelves, rods and drawers and add on components as your needs change. elfa walk-in systems range from $1200 to $3900.You can get walk-in closet design ideas online easy by searching online for “walk-in closet pictures”. Many photos or links to photos will appear on the results pages which will help stimulate ideas for your own closets.

Closet Storage Solutions

If you are an empty nester who has made the decision to downsize to a smaller home, you already know that you won’t have the space to store everything from your old home, so you will have to make the best use out of your new space. With upgraded storage options, you do not need to give up functionality, quality and style. You can ensure having a space for everything if each closet has a storage solution designed specifically for your needs.

Here are some closet components you will definitely want to consider:

– Valet rods use very little space and are great for staging clothing for travel or for putting out clothes for the next morning.

– Pegboards that hang simple hooks can be used to organize purses, jewelry, or other items.

– Baskets and drawers will help you group items and keep them out of sight, making your closet feel less cluttered and more orderly.

– Packing-table drawers create a surface for folding and packing clothes in smaller closets and are functionally similar to island countertops in larger closets.

– Adjustable elements allow you to reconfigure your closet space and are essential as your stored items and possessions are likely to change over time.

– Pullout mirrors become swivel mirrors when fully extended and take up only a few inches of width space.

– Pullout ironing boards are not only functional but also great space savers.

You may want to consider a consultation with a custom closet company to get ideas and to assist with the design and installation of closet systems. There are many aesthetic and material options available that can help you create the look you want for your storage space. Professional designers can even help you integrate a safe room or panic room into your closet design which can be used for storing valuable possessions or for shelter in the event of severe weather or a break-in.

Use a Closet Storage Organizer to Get Your Closet in Order

Whether seen on television or in real life, watching someone getting inundated with items stored in a closet when he or she opens the door is amusing, unless that person is you and the closet is yours. Fortunately, this is not a hopeless situation. A closet storage organizer will help you get your closet in order. Before you go shopping for one, however, remember to take the first step and donate or discard anything you no longer use. There is no sense to having unnecessary items take up valuable closet space.

If you do some preliminary research online, you will find a wide variety of closet storage organizer systems, including those designed for children’s bedrooms. These organizer systems include bins, shelves, garment bags, shoe racks, hooks and hanging storage bars and are quite affordable. The type of closet storage organizer you need to buy will be dependent on your personal needs. Some people may need to store more shirts and suits, while other people may need to store more shoes. Shelving or bins are more appropriate for folded items like sweaters, while hooks or multi-level hangers work best for purses, blouses or slacks.

Don’t assume that you are restricted to wire organizers. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can find closet storage organizer systems made from melamine, laminate or wood, and they can be as simple or luxurious as you want. If you have a walk-in closet, the right organizer system can turn it into an attractive space in your home.

You can check out home improvement stores or specialty shops in your area or shop online to find the type of closet storage organizer you need. If you need a custom storage solution, there are basic kits available that you can purchase. As an example, you can get a closet system measuring twelve inches deep with eighteen feet of hanging space and six shelves which you can arrange to suit your needs. These closet systems can be installed easily, and once you have determined your setup, you will be on your way to taming your closet clutter.