Closet Storage Solutions

If you are an empty nester who has made the decision to downsize to a smaller home, you already know that you won’t have the space to store everything from your old home, so you will have to make the best use out of your new space. With upgraded storage options, you do not need to give up functionality, quality and style. You can ensure having a space for everything if each closet has a storage solution designed specifically for your needs.

Here are some closet components you will definitely want to consider:

– Valet rods use very little space and are great for staging clothing for travel or for putting out clothes for the next morning.

– Pegboards that hang simple hooks can be used to organize purses, jewelry, or other items.

– Baskets and drawers will help you group items and keep them out of sight, making your closet feel less cluttered and more orderly.

– Packing-table drawers create a surface for folding and packing clothes in smaller closets and are functionally similar to island countertops in larger closets.

– Adjustable elements allow you to reconfigure your closet space and are essential as your stored items and possessions are likely to change over time.

– Pullout mirrors become swivel mirrors when fully extended and take up only a few inches of width space.

– Pullout ironing boards are not only functional but also great space savers.

You may want to consider a consultation with a custom closet company to get ideas and to assist with the design and installation of closet systems. There are many aesthetic and material options available that can help you create the look you want for your storage space. Professional designers can even help you integrate a safe room or panic room into your closet design which can be used for storing valuable possessions or for shelter in the event of severe weather or a break-in.